"Before School" School

Children of drivers, household help and construction workers are among many who have it very hard. They are sent to school all right but given the education and income level of their parents, they find it very hard to compete against other children., considering the amount of resources spent on tutoring kids [beyond school hours] far surpasses the income level of the economically under-privileged.

Thus, Utsarga's first project was born - long before we even became Utsarga - with tutorial-cum-schooling sessions specifically catered to under-privileged children. The concept is now widely known in India, but was unique in Kolkata’s Tollygunge area in the 1990s.

That is what led us to the concept of having a "before school" school. First, since hungry children cannot learn, we provide a healthy meal in the morning. Secondly, we tailor the curriculum to take care of the strengths and weaknesses of every child. We believe this is a very critical step to enable the disadvantaged to climb the rungs of the economic ladder. .

Our school has an impressive teacher to student ratio. Four teachers look after approximately 20 children who receive lessons in math, reading, writing and computers. But we still require your help.

Our needs for this school include:

  • Educational tools like books, maps and smart toys
  • Used computers and laptops that work
  • Volunteers to help teach onsite even on a one-off basis
  • Funds to hire professional teachers as most of our teachers are volunteers, receiving a below market honorarium

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