Utsarga Charity

Utsarga Charity Objectives

Currently Utsarga is involved in the following ( but not limited to) charitable activities

 Free schooling and Tutoring for under-priviledged children including a mid day meal

 Free art workshop and studio including provision of supplies for unknown but talented artists with full net benefits going to the artists

 Free computer training to under-priviledged Children on Sundays

 Other one off activities like construction of a Hospital in Taki Municipality

Teachers and Students
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Sports & Picnic Day on Jan 25, 2011

    Go Green Campaign

    A Go-Green campaign was organised on 13th May, 2010 for the students of the Utsarga school.More on the Go-Green...

    Painting Exhibition at Galerie Karma

    Utsarga Charity was happy to support the painting exhibition at Galerie Karma by Rangan. The exhibition was held from 17th to 29th August 2009 and was inaugurated by the famous photographer and art parton Ms Mala Mukherjee More on Galerie Karma...

    Inauguration of Hospital at Taki

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